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For those wanting to learn all that we do here at Cox Homestead, we offer "learning weeks." This is a week long, one-on-one mentorship and hands on learning experience. Opportunities include all things gardening (flowers and vegetables), processing rabbits and chickens, routine animal care, short term rental maintenance, social media work, and small business insights. The internship is 4 nights and 5 days. The intern will have all room and board provided in exchange for labor. Intern must be able to lift 50 pounds, be in the presence of animal processing, and enjoy time outside.  We are looking for an individual with a positive outlook that desires to learn more about the homestead lifestyle. 

Primarily led by Laura, we are only accepting female applicants at this time. 

Next Learning Week TBA.

Applications will be accepted once date is announced.

Speaking Engagements

Laura brings an undeniable energy to any stage she is on. Passionate about agriculture, nutrition, faith, and family, she loves to share with others her successes (and failures) in a way that is positive and humorous. With an entrepreneurial spirit, she is always looking for new ways to produce, provide, and profit from her homestead. Adapting her teaching styles to her audience, Laura appeals to young and old alike, keeping audiences entertained while educating them on healthy environments for animals, quality food for their family, and an abundant life that is grounded in faith.

Laura’s Speaking and Workshop Topics:
- Rabbit Care 101
- Raising Rabbits for Meat

-Rabbit Processing
- Gardening 101
- Raising Livestock on a Small Scale
-Worm Composting

Rates vary based on distance, travel and accommodations.  To inquire further call 812-595-2755. 

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Field Trips

More information coming soon.

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