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Summer on the Homestead

Experience the Simple Life

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What is Summer on the Homestead? 

"Summer on the Homestead" are à la carte classes for kids ages 7-11 and designed to enrich their knowledge in homestead skills, music and art.  Parents are encouraged to drop off their students for a day of learning in a peer environment with two teachers.  We will work hard to make sure your children’s social, physical and emotional needs are met during their time here. Your child will need a packed lunch, snack, water bottle, and journal for the day. 

What will a day at camp look like? 

Each day of camp we will read a book, bake bread, write a scripture, have hands on demonstrations and activities, music and art time.  The listed homestead activity for each day  will be the focal topic of that day.  Other activities throughout the day may or may not support the focal topic.  Days are curated to keep students engaged, happy, and content with the subject at hand. 


Meet the Teachers


Mrs. Cox

Director, Homestead and Art Teacher

I am so excited that you’re here learning more about the opportunities at our homestead.  I enjoy teaching and sharing my love for all things homestead with the community around me. Raising livestock has been the icing on the cake in my homestead journey.  I feel most intune with God and His design for humanity when I’m teaching or outside working my homestead.

I graduated in 2011 from Johnson Bible College with a double major in Bible and Counseling.  I spent three years in the social work field before deciding to stay home and raise my children. 
While at home with my children, my kids and I participated in several different play groups.  The most meaningful play group that I got to help lead was a nature based playgroup.  This group allowed me realize I can be outside any time of the year and enjoy it.  I truly believe there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad attire. 

I’ve spent the past two years working as a substitute teacher at our local schools.  While I enjoy working with students inside the schools, my heart longs to be outside.  So I thought, why not mesh the two worlds and invite YOUR children to MY homestead so they too can experience life outside on the homestead.

With strong family roots in East Tennessee Ms. Alley, received her Bachelors of Vocal Music Education from Carson Newman College in 2009. She taught k-5 music in a variety of settings for Knox County Schools from 2010-2020 with a heavy focus on singing, playing a variety of percussion instruments, poetry with rhythm, and movement to music.

After struggles with health, she decided to take a break from music and learn how to homestead. On her little slice of heaven in
the city, she raises a variety of animals, specializes in native planting and permaculture, and cooks from scratch with
her husband, Alex, and son, Leo.

Although she sat her instruments down, she still loves to sing and play music with little ones. After completing Orff Level 1 in 2019, she believes whole heartedly that all children are musicians just as they are all born persons uniquely made by a Sovereign God.

When Ms. Alley isn't working on the farm or playing music, you can find her crocheting, getting lost in the mountains, or doing a puzzle.


Ms. Alley

Assistant, Music and Folk Dance Teacher


I’ll be leading “Summer on the Homestead” with the help of my dear friend Ms Alley. Together we have over 20 years experience homesteading and gardening. We’re excited to get your kids involved and learning the life giving skills of homesteading. I’ll be leading the homestead topics and art time with the help of Ms Alley. You’re in for a treat with Ms Alley leading our music lesson time!

-Mrs Cox

Daily Schedule

This is a tenative outline for each day.

Please do your best to have your child dropped off and ready to go on time. 
8:30-9 Scripture finding and writing, make bread (a few students selected to help each time), go over a life skills problem
9:00-9:30 - Move our bodies activity/old fashioned games
9:30-10:00 - Introduce homestead topic of the day
10:00-10:15-Snack, bathroom, chat
10:15-11:00 Hands on homestead experience based on topic of the day
11:00-11:30 Music
11:30-12:00 Lunch
12:00-1:00 Story and Art activity
1:00-1:30 Revisit music and dance
1:30-2:00- Free play/water play
2:00-Pick up 

Each day of camp we will read a book, bake bread, write a scripture, have hands on demonstrations and activities, music and art time.  The listed homestead activity for each day will be the focal topic of that day.  Other activities throughout the day may or may not support the focal topic.  Days are curated to keep the kids engaged, happy, and content with the subject at hand.

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Is my child a good fit for Summer on the Homestead?

Your child must be able to:
Sit, learn, and move with a group.
Take care of bathroom needs all on their own.
Respect, listen to and obey other adults.
Have a genuine interest in the topics at hand.
Stay outside for the duration of the class. 

There will be lots of water, popsicle, and cool-off breaks. 

Book Your Spot

Click "Read More" to find out what's happening each class.  

Mission and Goal

Our mission is to provide quality opportunities for children to learn, grow, and flourish in a homestead and arts directed environment.  We encourage children to communicate with one another to resolve conflict, grow friendships, and expand their knowledge. 

Our goal at Cox Homestead in all business entities is to honor the Lord through relationships with others, service, and stewardship of the earth.  We stride to meet the needs of the community around us through high quality wholesome goods and services.

Psalm 127:3 “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is camp located? 
Summer on the Homestead is located at 3024 Douglas Dam Rd Kodak, TN 37764.  Camp takes place on our homestead.  It is lcoated on a busy road.  The bottom chain of our driveway will remained hooked up the whole time camp is in session.  Children must know to stay away from the road.  

What is the class size for summer camp? 
Classes will be capped at 10 students.  We value small class sizes to guaretee you child gets hands on experience and attention.  The 10 student max includes Mrs. Cox two kids and Ms. Alley's one child.  

Who do I reach out to for questions? 
Director, Laura Cox  can be reached at 812-595-2755 or  

Does my child need sunscreen? 

That is totally up to you as the parent, but we will be outside the whole time going between sun and shade.  There are 2 planned times for sunscreen reapply if you wish: 10am and 12pm.  Please send what you prefer you child to use.  Easy apply sunscreens are best to ensure we meet your wishes. You're also welcome to send your child in long sleeves and hats if that works better to meet your needs.  

Does my child need bug spray?

That’s totally up to you as a parent.  It will not be provided by Cox homestead.  If you’re asking this question, summer on the homestead may not be a good fit. However, PLEASE check your child for ticks and potential bug bites each day after camp.  We are going to be outside, so nature and all it's friends will be present.  

Will you be outside the whole time?
YES!  Your child will have opportunities to learn, work, and play in the rain if it is raining.  This is why we suggest a change of clothes packed with each child.  If there is inclement weather we will have activities inside.  If your child does not handle the elements well, this may not be the camp for you.  However, we think it’s a great learning opportunity for children to learn how to work with nature and life outdoors.  We will have cool down breaks!

Will my child have access to a bathroom?
Of course!  We have an indoor bathroom for kids to use while at camp. 

Can I stay for the camp?
We encourage all parents to drop off their children for camp.  Parents lingering around can interfere with behavior and attention of the children as well as planned activities.  If you would like to be contacted when we need parent volunteers please let me know when you book your day of camp.

What will be provided at the camp?
All art supplies, musical instruments, and speciality made snacks will be provided.  There are not special snacks every camp day, but a few classes include the students making something fresh to eat. 

Can I donate items for camp?
Absolutely.  All snacks and drinks must be food dye and peanut free. We hope to avoid excess candy as we focus on raising whole and nutritious foods at camp.   Arts and craft supplies are welcome.  Please ask Mrs Cox if you have specific items to donate. 

What should I pack my child for lunch?
A fulfilling and nutritious meal that can stay cool with an ice pack.  We have coolers they can be stored in, but we will not have access to a microwave.  We will be using our bodies a lot and likely sweating some, so consider that when packing your child’s lunch and snacks.

Is this camp for public school children, homeschooled, children or both? 
Both!  We welcome children from all learning backgrounds. Just be aware of the standard of our camp. They are expected to work, learn, and play in a group setting.  

What happens if I am running late for pick up? 
Please do your best to be on time for pick up.  If for some reason you are running late please call Mrs. Laura.  If the issue becomes repetitive late pick up fees will be assessed.  Please remember, the teachers have poured into your children all day and we're ready for a break at the end of the camp day.  Please do not linger for your children to play past pick up time.  

How will discipline be handled?
If ongoing behavior problems exist with a child, he or she may be asked to sit out for the activity at hand. This will last until they’ve had a minute to cool down and think about their reaction.   If there are continuous issues, a parent will be contacted and may result in the parent picking up the child.  We don’t see behavior issues being much of a problem with all the fun activities we have planned.  Please let your child know the expectations and consequences ahead of time.  No foul, rude or mean language is accepted while at summer camp.  We are here to love on one another and grow in our knowledge.  While the kids may be quizzed at times, it's a fun learning environment without grades or pressure.   

What paperwork will I need to complete? 
An emergency contact form and liability waiver must be filled out before dropping your child off. 

Is this camp faith based?  

Yes!  We are Bible believing Christians that do our best to live Christ centered life.  Our purpose is to live a life worthy of the calling we have received.  Ephesians 4:1-6  This calling will show up wehen we teach stewardship of the land and respect for animals. 

What should my child wear?
Comfortable play clothes and close toed shoes.  Please encourage your child to wear tennis shoes as we will be moving, dancing, working, and playing. 

What if my child isn’t ages 7-11?
Please contact Mrs Cox at for any age exceptions.  Do not book a camp day before approval.

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