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We raise rabbits to provide meat for our family and fertilizer for our gardens.  We also offer educational bunny experiences for guests to come and learn how to care for rabbits.  We sell live rabbits and bunny berries (manure.) 

New Zealands- We strive to raise high quality breeding stock for your rabbitry. We raise our meat rabbits for good mothering ability, high carcass weight, and calm demeanor. 

Polyface Stock- These rabbits were linebred through intensive culling by Daniel Salatin at Polyface farm. They were bred for disease resistance and good weight gain on pasture. Breeds used to develop this line are Dutch, New Zealand, Satin, American Chinchilla, Californian, and Flemish.

For rabbit availability, see our web store. To schedule a bunny experience, photography session, or consultation, see below. Feel free to contact us for availability. 

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