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The mother of this litter  is a Magpie Harlequin cross.  The father of this litter is a Pedigree French Lop.  French Lops are considered giant breeds. 

They are extra fluffy and cute.  They're pretty friendly and fun to watch.  I have no idea what final size of these rabbit will be, however, I do not predict any smaller than 9 pounds.  The mom is a little shy.  The dad is super friendly.  Some of the rabbits appear to have flopped ears.  Some rabbits appear to have upright ears.  Time will only tell what they will have at maturation.  I am leaving them with their mother until 8 weeks old since they are part giant breed.  

Birthdate 1-22-24 and wean date 3-18-24. Must be claimed and picked up by 3-20-24.  Prices vary based on looks.  THE RABBITS ARE NOT SHIPPED.

French Lop/Harlequin Cross Doe

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